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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Trauma as Interpretation of Injury
Part I: The Sorrows of the Gay Nineties
Chapter 1. Traumatic Heroism
Chapter 2. Empty Treasure: Sherlock Holmes in Shock
Chapter 3. Post-Traumatic Mourning: Rider Haggard in the Underworld
Chapter 4. Traumatic Prophecy: H.G.Wells at the End of Time
Chapter 5. Post-Traumatic Style: Oscar Wilde in Prison
Part II: Trauma as Story in the 1990s
Chapter 6. Thinking Through Others: Prosthetic Fantasy and Trauma
Chapter 7. Abuse as a Prosthetic System
Chapter 8. Traumatic Triumph in a Black Childhood
Chapter 9. Traumatic Economies in Schindler's List
Chapter 10. Traumatic Romance / Romantic Trauma
Chapter 11. Berserk in Babylon
Chapter 12. Amok at the Apocalypse

Post-traumatic Culture
Injury and Interpretation in the Nineties
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