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Table Of Contents

Introduction. Why Games and Social Media?
Part I: What Is the Current Landscape of Higher Education?
Chapter 1. The Disruptive Future of Higher Education
Chapter 2. The Need to Increase College Enrollment and Completion
Chapter 3. Transition Readiness: Making the Shift from High School to College in a Social Media World
Chapter 4. From Communication to Community: How Games and Social Media Affect Postsecondary Stakeholders
Part II: What's in a Game?
Chapter 5. What Games Do Well: Mastering Concepts in Play
Chapter 6. The Open Laptop Exam: Reflections and Speculations
Chapter 7. Games, Passion, and "Higher" Education
Chapter 8. Game-Like Learning: Leveraging the Qualities of Game Design and Play
Part III: What Do We Know about Games and What Do We Need to Learn?
Chapter 9. Assessing Learning in Video Games
Chapter 10. Implications and Applications of Sociable Gaming for Higher Education
Chapter 11. Gender, Social Media, Games, and the College Landscape
Chapter 12. How Much Technology Is Enough?
Conclusion. The Shape of Things to Come

Postsecondary Play
The Role of Games and Social Media in Higher Education
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