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Table Of Contents

Introduction. Why Not the Best of Both Worlds?
Chapter 1. My Dog Got Better Care Than My Mother
Chapter 2. Taking Charge: Advance Directives and Choosing the Care You Want
Chapter 3. A Different Choice: Do Everything
Chapter 4. Cure vs. Healing: Palliative Care and Hospice
Chapter 5. Whom Do You Trust? Choosing Your Health Care Agent
Chapter 6. It's Not Just about Old People: When Tragedy Strikes the Young
Chapter 7. No Easy Answers: Dementia, the System, and Getting It Right
Chapter 8. Assisted Suicide, Assisted Dying, and VSED
Chapter 9. Pain, Anxiety, and Drugs, Drugs, Drugs
Chapter 10. What's Stopping Us
Chapter 11. Gifts of Life: Organ Donation, Funerals, and Cemeteries
Chapter 12. No Job Is Complete Until the Paperwork Is Done: Making It Legal
Chapter 13. Help, We Need Somebody: Providing Support
Chapter 14. The Better End: Surviving (and Dying) on Your Own Terms in Today's Modern Medical World
Chapter 15. Speaking Personally