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Table Of Contents

Introduction: The Pharmacopoeia of Risk Reduction
Part One: Diuril and Hypertension, 1957-1977
1. Releasing the Flood Waters: The Development and Promotion of Diuril
2. Shrinking the Symptom, Growing the Disease: Hypertension after Diuril
Part Two: Orinase and Diabetes, 1960-1980
3. Finding the Hidden Diabetic: Orinase Creates a New Market
4. Risk and the Symptom: The Trials of Orinase
Part Three: Mevacor and Cholesterol, 1970-2000
5. The Fall and Rise of a Risk Factor: Cholesterol and Its Remedies
6. Know Your Number: Cholesterol and the Threshold of Pathology
Conclusion: The Therapeutic Transition