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"[Preventing the Next Pandemic] takes the reader through the worlds of global health, diseases of the impoverished, and their diverse country contexts, into science diplomacy and a towards a vision for a healthier future."

"Vaccines are one of humankind's greatest creations in both saving lives and creating diplomacy between nations, and there is likely no one in the world who can better teach us about both than Dr. Peter Hotez. The good doctor has spent his life in the lab developing lifesaving vaccines and traveling all over the world ensuring they are put to proper use. In this deeply researched and insightful work, Peter shows us how to see the world differently and offers a guide for shaping a healthier, safer future. This book could not be more timely in a COVID—and post-COVID—world. Hotez gives us equal doses of science-driven help and human-centered hope."

"Peter J. Hotez describes the complex biological, environmental, and social issues that determine susceptibility to and the impact of current and emerging infectious diseases in developing countries, along with the challenges of developing and administering vaccines to prevent disease in these nations. There are few, if any, published books that describe the same type of comprehensive systematic analysis of vaccine design and populational coverage of vaccination required to achieve public health goals. Highly recommended."

"Our nation's former science envoy and respected global health policy leader Peter Hotez highlights the ambitious yet achievable opportunity of eliminating catastrophic infectious and tropical diseases. His gripping story reminds us that preventing disease is good policy and great politics, in case you need an extra reason to save hundreds of millions of lives."

"This book is a love letter to science, diplomacy, and the human will to overcome seemingly unsurmountable challenges. This is a book only Peter Hotez—a renaissance man of modern vaccinology—could write."

"Preventing the Next Pandemic: Vaccine Diplomacy in a Time of Anti-science is a bold call to promote vaccine diplomacy to prevent diseases and to promote peace and cooperation among countries."

"[Preventing the Next Pandemic is] an authoritative and convincing overview of how current global conditions are driving the emergence and reappearance of infectious diseases."

"Hotez is perhaps uniquely positioned to expound a broad vision that marries science with geopolitics... he passionately insists that we cannot prevent pandemics in isolation from wider global currents. "

"An important read!"

"With so many factors causing infectious and tropical diseases to emerge or return, Preventing The Next Pandemic: Vaccine Diplomacy in a Time of Anti-Science by Dr Peter J. Hotez is a fascinating and timely read about the importance of vaccine diplomacy to address these urgent challenges."