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"An original approach to the ‘problem’ of privatization in higher education. I am not aware of any books that substantively cover the same landscape as this one, and the contributions from different disciplinary approaches are unique."

"The balance between public and private investments in higher education has been redefined without appropriate clarity or adequate discourse. This timely book draws on a variety of disciplines to address how the expanded private role has altered many rules guiding access, quality, competition, and governance. It will meet the needs of policy makers and campus leaders concerned about the preservation of the essential public content of higher education."

"A seismic shift in public higher education toward privatization has been under way for a decade or more. This splendid volume explores implications of this trend for finance, governance, performance, and regulation of universities. Those who care about educational opportunity and economic competitiveness will find this book essential reading."

"In an era of scarce resources and competitive strategies, this timely volume on privatization illuminates one of the most significant trends reshaping public higher education. Assembled here is a thoughtful and well-crafted collection of essays by prominent scholars who draw from a range of academic fields. They elucidate the major dimensions of privatization, beyond shifts in market mechanisms to fundamental questions about state policy objectives, academic governance, and campus missions. This book is a welcome contribution to the study of higher education."