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Chapter 1. Introduction: The Academic Profession Enters a New Global Era
Martin J. Finkelstein and Glen A. Jones
Chapter 2. Germany: Unpredictable Career Progression but Security at the Top
Barbara M. Kehm
Chapter 3. France: Marginal Formal Changes but Noticeable Evolutions
Christine Musselin
Chapter 4. United Kingdom: Institutional Autonomy and National Regulation, Academic Freedom and Managerial Authority
Peter Scott
Chapter 5. Russia: Higher Education, between Survival and Innovation
Maria Yudkevich
Chapter 6. Brazil: An Emerging Academic Market in Transition
Elizabeth Balbachevsky
Chapter 7. India: The Challenge of Change
N. Jayaram
Chapter 8. China: The Changing Relationship between Academics, Institutions, and the State
Fengqiao Yan and Dan Mao
Chapter 9. Japan: Opening Up the Academic Labor Market
Akiyoshi Yonezawa
Chapter 10. United States: A Story of Marketization, Professional Fragmentation (Stratification), and Declining Opportunity
Martin J. Finkelstein
Chapter 11. Canada: Decentralization, Unionization, and the Evolution of Academic Career Pathways
Glen A. Jones
Chapter 12. Looking across Systems: Implications for Comparative, International Studies of Academic Work
Glen A. Jones and Martin J. Finkelstein
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Professorial Pathways
Academic Careers in a Global Perspective
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