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Table Of Contents

Nude Descending a Staircase (1961)
First Confession
Solitary Confinement
On a Child Who Lived One Minute
Faces from a Bestiary
Nude Descending a Staircase
The Autumn in Norfolk Shipyard
Warning to Sculptors
Lewis Carroll
In a Prominent Bar in Secaucus One Day
Barking Dog Blues
Inscriptions after Fact
The Sirens
Narcissus Suitor
Theater of Dionysus
At the Stoplight by the Paupers' Graves
Little Elegy
Ladies Looking for Lice
B Negative
At Ghostwriter's Deathbed
One a.m. with Voices
Growing into Love
Cross Ties
Nothing in Heaven Functions as It Ought
Traveler's Warnings
Main Road West
Edgar's Story
National Shrine
Peace and Plenty
Driving Cross-Country
Reading Trip
Requiem in Hoboken
For a Maiden Lady
Pottery Class
Absentminded Bartender
Loose Woman
Ant Trap
West Somerville, Mass.
Day Seven
The Ascent
Two Apparitions
Daughter in the House
The Shorter View
Giving in to You
Slim Volumes
Breaking and Entering
Song: Great Chain of Being
Consumer's Report
The Atheist's Stigma
In a Secret Field
Emily Dickinson in Southern California (1973)
Mining Town
Schizophrenic Girl
Evening Tide
A Little Night Music
Celebrations After the Death of John Brennan (1974)
Three Tenors, One Vehicle (1975)
Talking Dust Bowl Blues
Song to the Tune of "Somebody Stole My Gal"
Cross Ties: Selected Poems (1985)
In a Dry Season
A Footpath Near Gethsemane
Dirty English Potatoes
Aunt Rectita's Good Friday
Hangover Mass
One-night Homecoming
Old Men Pitching Horseshoes
To Dorothy on Her Exclusion from The Guinness Book of World Records
At the Last Rites for Two Hotrodders
Flitting Flies
The Death of Professor Backwards
At Brown Crane Pavilion
On the Proposed Seizure of Twelve Graves in a Colonial Cemetery
A Beardsley Moment
Dark Horses (1992)
The Arm
Twelve Dead, Hundreds Homeless
The Waterbury Cross
The Animals You Eat
Overnight Pass
Two from Guillaume Apollinaire
Pont Mirabeau
To the Writers Forbidden to Write
Terse Elegy for J. V. Cunningham
On Being Accused of Wit
Emily Dickinson Leaves a Message to the World Now that Her Homestead in Amherst Has an Answering Machine
The Withdrawn Gift
On the Square
Summer Children
Tableau Intime
Black Velvet Art
The Lords of Misrule (2002)
"The Purpose of Time Is to Prevent Everything from Happening at Once"
Jimmy Harlow
Naomi Trimmer
Five-and-Dime, Late Thirties
Sailors with the Clap
For Allen Ginsberg
Thebes: In the Robber Village
Close Call
Street Moths
The Ballad of Fenimore Woolson and Henry James
A Scandal in the Suburbs
To His Lover, That She Be Not Overdressed
The Blessing of the Bikes
Sharing the Score
A Curse on a Thief
Shriveled Meditation
Meditation in the Bedroom of General Francisco Franco
Maples in January
September Twelfth, 2001
New Poems
Panic in the Carwash
At Paestum
Small House Torn Down To Build a Larger
Uncertain Burial
Innocent Times
Furnished Rental
Death of a Window Washer
Silent Cell Phones
Mrs. Filbert's Golden Quarters
Jerry Christmas
Poor People in Church
Sonnet Beginning with a Line and a Half Abandoned by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
God's Obsequies
At the Antiques Fair
Secret River
Command Decision
Bald Eagle
Meeting a Friend Again After Thirty Years
Finding a Tintype
Out of Tune with the Stars
Index of Titles and First Lines