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Promoting Democracy in the Americas

'Promoting Democracy in the Americas' cover image

Promoting Democracy in the Americas

Integrating comparative politics and international relations perspectives, this volume provides a critical analysis of the role of international and transnational actors in contemporary democratization processes in the Americas. It covers recent challenges to democracy in Venezuela, Haiti, and Ecuador along with current debates about election monitoring and democracy promotion within the Organization of American States.

The book provides up-to-date case studies—not available in any other text—of the major actors involved in recent democracy promotion activities in the Americas. The contributors focus on diverse themes related to efforts to strengthen democracy in the Americas and include fresh material on the role of regional powers other than the United States—specifically Brazil and Canada—in regional initiatives.

Showcasing cutting-edge theoretical debates, Promoting Democracy in the Americas offers a much needed reality check on whether international and transnational actors are indeed successful in their efforts to promote democracy and, if so, exactly what type of democracy they envision.