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"Digs deeply into an area of drug history that has for the most part been ignored."

"The story is very well written and researched... The book is a good read and has the bonus of imparting historical understanding of psychiatry during its most exciting and innovative era."

"A smoothly written account."

"Psychedelic Psychiatry is a highly nuanced work of scholarship that sheds new light on LSD research in Saskatchewan."

"As Dyck shows well, LSD gives historians a lot to think about."

"Crisply written, well-researched and cogently argued."

"Psychedelic Psychiatry represents the first archive-based, sober history of LSD's early years as a promising pharmaceutical and its subsequent decline."

"Psychedelic Psychiatry is intensely interesting; an important and influential period of transition in psychiatry that has direct and important implications for current psychiatry... I highly recommend it to others."

"Contributes mightily to our understanding of prairie culture and offers a much needed look into an ethically informed drug therapy that contributed to the struggle for universal healthcare advanced by Tommy Douglas and the CCF."

"Dyck combines archival materials, interviews, medical journal articles, and popular press accounts to create a reliable and original account of the rise and fall of psychedelic psychiatry, and of its central, tragic figure, Humphry Osmond... Her analysis is dead on."