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Contents and Contributors: The Public Health Paradigm Robert L. Kane ; Understanding the Aging and Public Health Networks Alan L. Balsam and Carolyn L. Bottum ; Behavioral, Social, and Socioenvironmental Factors Adding Years to Life and Life to Years George A. Kaplan ; Issues of Resource Allocation in an Aging Society Robert H. Binstock ; Variability in Disease Manifestations in Older Adults: Implications for Public and Community Health Programs Robert B. Wallace ; Disability Outcomes of Chronic Disease and Their Implications for Public Health Marcel E. Salive and Jack M. Guralnik ; Evidence of Modifiable Risk Factors in Older Adults as a Basis for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs Gilbert S. Omenn, Shirley M. Beresford, David M. Buchner, Andrea LaCroix, Mona Martin, Donald L. Patrick, Jeffery I. Wallace, and Edward H. Wagner ; Integrating Research into Program Planning and Development Terrie Wetle ; Surveillance, Needs Assessment, and Evaluation Susan L. Hughes ; Conceptual Measurement, and Analytical Issues in Assessing Health Status in Older Populations Anita L. Stewart and Sam Shapiro ; On the Economic Analysis of Interventions for Aged Populations Ronald J. Ozminkowski and Laurence G. Branch; Postponing Disability: Identifying Points of Decline and Potential Intervention S. Jay Olshansky and Mark A. Rudberg ; Aging, Bioethics, and Public Health: Issues at the Intersection of Three Multidisciplinary Fields; Rosalie A. Kane Implications of an Aging Society for the Preparation of Public Health Professionals Thomas R. Prohaska and Steven P. Wallace ; Implications of an Aging Society for the Organization and Evaluation of Public Health Services Elizabeth A. Kutza ; Toward a Synthesis of a Public Health Agenda for an Aging Society Ronald Anderson and Nadereh Pourat

Public Health and Aging
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