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"In Dobel's book the outlines of public integrity come into view. We see the extent to which integrity remains compatible with inconsistencies over personal history and social geography, the ways in which it can abide both pluralism and pragmatism."

"At a time when confidence in public office holders is low, Dobel shows that there still is virtue in public life. His research clearly indicates that office holders can be individuals of character and integrity if they put aside their focus on self-interests and ground their decision-making powers in the obligations of office, personal capacity and commitments, and prudence and effectiveness."

"Just when Americans in great numbers have given up on expecting integrity and prudence from public officials along comes Pat Dobel. He writes for anyone holding any public office but the book is even more important for non-office holding citizens. Never preachy, but always demanding, Dobel's accessible erudition persuades the reader of both the difficulty and the nobility of holding public responsibility. Public Integrity will attract some of America's finest into public life. It's that good."