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Table Of Contents

Foreword, by Dr. Katherine Baicker
Part I. The Thinking Behind Effective Policy Analysis
1. Clear Thinking Leads to Clear Writing
2. Mastering Deductive, Evaluative, and Prescriptive Policy Answers
3. Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Reader
Part II. The Art of Policy Storytelling
4. Developing Stronger Policy Recommendations Using Human-Centered Design
5. How to Haunt Your Readers
Part III. The Craft of Policy Storytelling
6. How to Structure Policy Memos and Briefs for Maximum Impact
7. Deductive and Unified Paragraphs
8. Coherent Paragraphs
9. Clear and Concise Sentences
Part IV. The Necessity of Revision
10. Eleven Strategies for Ruthlessly Pruning Needless Words
11. Being Your Own Best Editor
Part V. The Finishing Touches
12. Quoting and Paraphrasing Sources Properly
13. Making Figures, Tables, and Charts Work for You
by James Bennett
14. A Style Guide for Policy Writing
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