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Table Of Contents

1. Numbers
1.1. Numerical Literacy
Babylon, Babble, and Billion
What Is the Point?
1.2. The Power of Logarithms
Order of Magnitude
Hot Air Balloons and Renard Numbers
Finding Fraud in Figures
1.3. What Is Typical?
The Height of an Adult
Social Competence and Personal Encounters
Hit by Returning Rocket
1.4. Estimates
Is Anybody Out There?
Sand, Sibyl, Olympic Medals, and Homeopathy
Cover the Earth with Paper
2. Measures
2.1. What Is It on a Scale?
The Richter Scale
Nuclear Incidents and Accidents
Natural Threats
2.2. Comparing Apples and Oranges
Human Well-Being and Poverty
Track and Field
At Scout Camp
2.3. Units
Going Metric—Inch by Inch
Horsepower and Manpower
The Loss of a Spacecraft
2.4. On the Road
Left-Hand Traffic
The Value of a Life
Gasoline Here and There
3. Accuracy and Significance
3.1. Could You Be More Precise, Please?
What Is Austria's Population?
A Slim Waist
Man on the Moon
3.2. Significant?
A Change in Opinion
Error Bars
3.3. Limiti Values
Will Your iPod Make You Deaf?
Lethal Dose
The Weakest Link
3.4. A Fair Games?
Winning by a Small Margin
Accurate Timing
Are All Sports Venues Equivalent?
4. Extrapolations
4.1. The Dangerous Exponential
The Rule of 72
A Problematic Reward
Suddenly Nothing Was Left
4.2. The Ubiquitous Straight Line
Dubious Extrapolations
Moore's Law
Low Radiation Level and Cancer
4.3. Scaling
Big and Small Fish
Roasting a Turkey
4.4. Looking Ahead
The Law of Diminishing Returns
The Sign of the Second Derivative
Lynx and Hare
5. Models
5.1. What Are the Chances?
Losing a Leg
Sunday Traffic
5.2. Seeking the Optimum
Tax Rates and the Autobahn
Running to the Rescue
Selecting the Best Golf Club
5.3. Focus on the Essential
How Small Can a Mouse Be?
The Age of the Earth
5.4. A Loud Party
Ohm's Law Is Not a Law
A Mad Pursuit
Is Coulomb's Law Exact?
6. The Real World
6.1. Plausible, but Not Correct
The Unridable Bicycle
Church Windows and Lead Roofs
The Bathtub Vortex
6.2. You See What You Want to See
Waves Are Rolling In
Galileo Galilei's Trial
Submarines and Mink
6.3. Suddenly Something Happens
Fishing Nets, Coffee Percolators, and the Web
Goethe and the Height of Trees
Supercooled Rain and Critical Mass
6.4. Engineering versus Science
Not a Schoolbook Problem
Hoisting a Sack
7. Tricks of the Trade
7.1. A Crash Course in Science Thinking
Dinghy, Anchor, and Pool
Up and Down the Escalator
The Floating Apple
7.2. Is the Formula Accurate Enough?
Wind Chill Temperature
The Size of a Ship
7.3. Characteristic Quantities
How Deep Is Deep?
The Coldest Day of the Year
Galileo Galilei, Basketball, and Table Tennis
7.4. Impress Them!
What Is Your BMI?
The Aeolian Harp
One Trick and Two Areas
Epilogue: Seven Principles in Scientific Literacy