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"A book of this nature is long overdue, but this one was well worth the wait. Quantitative aspects of wildlife science have advanced considerably in recent decades and researchers and managers often struggle to keep up with increasingly complex quantitative concepts being utilized in wildlife science. With chapters written by leading experts, this book ameliorates that struggle by providing broad, understandable overviews of major quantitative tools and concepts used in wildlife science. This book will definitely be on my shelf."

"Rapid advances in computing speed and increasing use of open-source software has provided wildlife biologists with unprecedented access to powerful analytical tools. This book will be an essential companion for all graduate students and researchers, becoming an indispensable guide to the most effective means of analyzing and interpreting their data."

"This is primarily a book for students and working wildlife management professionals; however that is not to say that it is, or should be, outside the realm of consideration by those with a sincere interest in how wildlife researchers collect and interpret data. As so many aspects of contemporary wildlife conservation revolve around what the number are, how they were collected, and how they are interpreted, most anyone with a serious interest in wildlife conservation would do well to at least understand how the metaphorical sausage is made – even if they're not making it themselves. To that end, this is most certainly the book from which to best acquire such an understanding."