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1. Introducing Rabbits
What are lagomorphs?
What is the difference between rabbits, hares, and pikas?
Is this book about rabbits, hares, pikas, or all three?
How many kinds of rabbits are there?
How are rabbits classified?
Why are rabbits important?
Why should people care about rabbits?
How did rabbits evolve?
When did rabbits evolve?
What is the oldest fossil rabbit?
What were the largest and smallest fossil rabbits?
2. Form and Function of Rabbits
What are the largest and smallest living rabbits?
What is the metabolism of a rabbit?
Why is rabbit scat round?
Why are rabbits always sniffing?
Why do rabbits have a "hare lip"?
Is it true that rabbit teeth never stop growing?
Do rabbits sleep?
Can rabbits see color?
Do all rabbits have big ears and short tails?
Why do rabbits have whiskers?
Can rabbits run?
Can rabbits swim?
3. Rabbit Colors
Why are so many rabbits brown?
What causes the fur colors of rabbits?
Do fur colors change in different seasons?
What color are a rabbit's eyes?
What color are baby rabbits?
Are there albino rabbits?
4. Rabbit Behavior
Are rabbits social?
Do rabbits fight? Do rabbits bite?
How smart are rabbits?
Do rabbits play?
Do rabbits talk?
Who eats rabbits?
5. Rabbit Ecology
Where do rabbits live?
Where do rabbits sleep?
Do rabbits migrate?
Which geographic regions have the most species of rabbits?
Which rabbits have the largest distributions and which the most restricted?
How do rabbits survive in the desert?
How do rabbits survive in the winter?
Do rabbits hibernate?
Do rabbits get sick?
Are rabbits good for the environment?
6. Reproduction and Development of Rabbits
How do rabbits reproduce?
How long are female rabbits pregnant?
Where do rabbits give birth?
Do rabbits nest at the same time and in the same place every year?
How many babies do rabbits have?
Are all babies in a rabbit's nest full siblings?
Do rabbits care for their young?
How fast do rabbits grow?
How can you tell the age of a rabbit?
How long do rabbits live?
7. Rabbit Foods and Feeding
What do rabbits eat?
How much do rabbits chew their food?
How do rabbits find food?
Do rabbits drink water?
Do rabbits ever store their food?
8. Rabbits and Humans
Do rabbits make good pets?
How were rabbits domesticated?
Why did people say "the rabbit died" to mean a woman was pregnant?
Are rabbits used in a lot of experiments?
Do rabbits feel pain?
What if I find a baby rabbit or an injured rabbit or if I hit one with my car?
How can I see rabbits in the wild?
Should people feed rabbits?
9. Rabbit Problems (from a human viewpoint)
Are rabbits pests?
How can I keep rabbits out of my garden?
Are rabbits bad for lawns?
Are rabbits dangerous?
Is it safe to eat rabbits?
What should I do if I get bitten by a rabbit?
10. Human Problems (from a rabbit's viewpoint)
Are any rabbits endangered?
Will climate change affect rabbits?
Are rabbits affected by pollution?
Why do people hunt and eat rabbits?
What products are made from rabbits?
Why do so many rabbits get hit by cars?
Do house cats kill rabbits?
What can an ordinary citizen do to help rabbits?
11. Rabbits in Stories and Literature
What roles do rabbits play in mythology and religion?
What roles have rabbits played in language and literature?
What roles do rabbits play in popular culture?
12. "Rabbitology"
Who studies rabbits?
Which species are best known?
Which species are least known?
How do scientists tell rabbits apart?
How can I become an expert on rabbits?
Appendix: Rabbits of the World

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