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"One of the allures of this book is that readers will want to read all of the 42 works by the 38 men and women, black and white, from 1967 to 2001, discussed and so capably analyzed by Jones... Essential."

"A generously informed commentary on recent fiction by writers well known and admired."

"Highly readable."

"A valuable treatment of race and racial relations in the modern South as depicted in contemporary southern literature. No other scholarly work has covered this ground so thoroughly. Historically sound, theoretically sophisticated, and characterized by insightful readings of previously understudied novels, Race Mixing fills a real need in southern literary studies."

"Suzanne Jones is a subtle and nuanced writer, with a profound engagement with issues of race and gender, never oversimplifying the complex relationship between the two. There is a strong theoretically—and politically—informed intelligence at work here, and this exploration of black-white relations and the dialogues across racial and national lines is certain to become a classic. The range of writers discussed; the insistent working away at theme and literary detail throughout; and the consistent attention to socio-political as well as literary history: all testify to a scholar working at the height of her powers."

"Suzanne Jones's new study is a generous portrait of the landscape of recent, post–Civil Rights, Southern fiction. Meditative and insightful, Race Mixing will make it easier for the rest of us to mark our own trails through that complex, varied landscape. It will become one of the places to start to understand Southern fiction of the last quarter of the twentieth century."