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"Anyone who seeks to learn the location of an active or abandoned rail line in Iowa should readily find the information."

"... there is nothing of this scope even at the state level."

"Carpenter's idiosyncratic freehand style might surprise some, but the technique is highly effective in conveying layers of detail, almost like storytelling with a map. And don't miss Carpenter's penetrating, highly readable essay at the front of the book, in which he provides the necessary context for fully understanding what was, for the purposes of this book, a very good year for railroads."

"Carpenter continues his admirable effort to map American railroads in the immediate postwar era... Carpenter is to be commended for his efforts. The work is meticulous, the maps are clear and beautifully reproduced, and the resulting volume is a genuine research tool as opposed to a simple picture book."

"If you know the earlier volumes, you know that this book will bring the full measure of satisfaction brought by those earlier volumes."

"Superb series... This atlas and its companions are excellent snapshots of railroading's 'classic era.'"