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Table Of Contents


Introduction: Rainy Lake House, 1823

Part One: Leave-Takings
1. The Explorer
2. The Hunter
3. The Trader

Part Two: Long
4. "The English Make Them More Presents"
5. Encounters with the Sioux
6. Race and History
7. To Civilize the Osage

Part Three: Tanner
8. Westward Migration
9. "Six Beaver Skins for a Quart of Mixed Rum"
10. The Test of Winter
11. Red Sky of the Morning
12. Warrior

Part Four: McLoughlin
13. Fort William
14. Marriage à la façon du pays
15. Bad Birds
16. The Restive Partnership
17. The Pemmican War
18. The Battle of Seven Oaks
19. The Surrender of Fort William
20. Lord Selkirk's Prisoner
21. Time of Reckoning
22. London

Part Five: Long
23. The Wonder of the Steamboat
24. A Christian Marriage
25. Up the Missouri
26. To the Rocky Mountains
27. Mapmaker
28. The Northern Expedition

Part Six: Tanner
29. The Coming of The Prophet
30. A Loathsome Man
31. Sorcery and Sickness
32. Taking Fort Douglas
33. Rough Justice
34. In Search of Kin
35. Between Two Worlds

Part Seven: McLoughlin
36. Chief Factor
37. Providence
38. Opposing the Americans

Part Eight: Collision
39. Working for Wages
40. Children of the Fur Trade
41. The Ambush
42. The Pardon
43. "We met with an American"
44. The Onus of Revenge
45. Journeys Home

Epilogue: Mackinac, 1824 – and After
Postscript: John Tanner as a Source

Rainy Lake House
Twilight of Empire on the Northern Frontier
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