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Table Of Contents


Introduction: When Do We Read?
The Shortness of Time / The Tense of Reading / Literature as Resistance / The Difference Time Makes / Media History as Literary Method

Chapter One: Time Divided
No Difference / Talbot’s Lack of Time / Breaking the Weekly Round / Some Sunday Readers / Sir Charles Comes and Goes

Chapter Two: Joining Up Time
Rereading for Happiness / Slow Translation / Grenville’s Reading Journals /Lifetimes of Reading

Chapter Three: Other Times
Reading in the Field / Linear and Random Access / Literature and Contingency / Amelia’s Beginning with the End / Sidney Bidulph and the Twice-Told Marriage / The Griffiths’ Marriage by the Book

Chapter Four: Time to Come
Stockpiling / Romantic Media / A Simple Story: Reading Comes Later / Godwin: The Future Is Now / Hardcover Truths / You Can’t Skip Pages

Coda: Academic Time

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