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Table Of Contents

Maps of North Beach and Greenwich Village

Introduction. Can You Show Me the Way to the Rebel Café?
Chapter One. Blue Angels, Black Cats, and Reds: Cabaret and the Left-Wing Roots of the Rebel Café
Chapter Two. Subterranean Aviators: Postwar America's Literary Underground
Chapter Three. Bop Apocalypse, Freedom Now!: Jazz, Civil Rights, and the Politics of Cross-Racial Desire
Chapter Four. Beatniks and Blabbermouths, Bartok and Bar Talk: New Bohemia and the Search for Community
Chapter Five. Rise of the "Sickniks": Nightclubs, Humor, and the Public Sphere
Chapter Six. The New Cabaret: Performance, Personal Politics, and the End of the Rebel Café
Conclusion. Playboys and Partisans: American Culture, the New Left, and the Legacy of the Rebel Café