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Table Of Contents

Foreword. Deep South Campus Memories and the World the Sixties Made
Origins and Acknowledgments
Introduction. Prophetic Minority versus Recalcitrant Majority: Southern Student Dissent and the Struggle for Progressive Change in the 1960s
Part I. Early Days: From Talk to Action
1. Freedom Now! SNCC Galvanizes the New Left
2. Student Free Speech on Both Sides of the Color Line in Mississippi and the Carolinas
3. Interracial Dialogue and the Southern Student Human Relations Project
4. Moderate White Activists and the Struggle for Racial Equality on South Carolina Campuses
Part II. Campus Activism Takes Shape
5. The Rise of Black and White Student Protest in Nashville
6. Student Radicalism and the Antiwar Movement at the University of Alabama
7. Conservative Student Activism at the University of Georgia
Part III. A Cultural Revolution and Its Discontents
8. Sexual Liberation at the University of North Carolina
9. The Counterculture as Local Culture in Columbia, South Carolina
10. Government Repression of the Southern New Left
Part IV. Black Power and the Legacy of the Freedom Movement
11. North Carolina A&T Black Power Activists and the Student Organization for Black Unity
12. Black Power and the Freedom Movement in Retrospect
Historiographical Reflections
List of Contributors

Rebellion in Black and White
Southern Student Activism in the 1960s
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