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Table Of Contents

One. Introduction
History of vertebrate paleontology as a science
Two. Early Discoveries and Collection of Fossil Vertebrates, 18th to Mid-19th Century
Early discoveries and recognition of fossil vertebrates
Three. Women in Vertebrate Paleontology, Late 19th to Early 20th Century
Taking their place in the professional world
Four. Women in the Early Modern Years of Vertebrate Paleontology, Mid-20th Century (1940–1975)
Gaining ground and the beginnings of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Five. Women in Vertebrate Paleontology, Late 20th to Early 21st Century (1976 to the Present)
Coming of age
Six. Artists, Preparators, Technicians, Collections Managers, and Outreach Educators
Behind the scenes: "Invisible" but essential women
Seven. Challenges and Opportunities
Women in STEM, geosciences, and paleontology
1. Excerpts from Women VPs' Responses to Oral Interviews
2. Excerpts from Women VPs' Responses to Written Interviews
3. Excerpts from Male Mentors' Responses to Written Questions
4. Examples of Taxa Named for and by Women
Literature Cited
Bibliographic Sources and Further Reading