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Table Of Contents

The State of Linothorax Scholarship and Typologies of Greek Armor
The Structure of This Book
Methodology and Audience
1. Ancient Evidence for Linen Armor
Literary Sources
Linen in the Ancient World
Visual Sources
2. Structural Variants and Decorations on Type IV Armor
Structural Elements I: Shoulder Flaps
Structural Elements II: Shoulder Flap Ties
Structural Elements III: Pteruges
Structural Elements IV: Structural Elements IV
Decorative Elements I: Painted Designs
Decorative Elements II: Color
Distinctive Aspects of Etruscan Type IV Armor
3. What Material Was Used to Make Type IV Armor?
Leather versus Linen Construction
Sewn versus Laminated Construction
Composite Construction
4. Reconstructing the Linothorax
Developing a Basic Pattern
Fabrics and Glues
The Lamination Process
Heroic Nudity and Armor Length
5. Arrow Test Methodology and Materials
Arrow Test Rationale
Test Patches
Arrows and Bows
Arrow Test Procedure
6. Arrow Test Results
General Observations
Less Significant Test Variables
Hand-Produced versus Modern Linens
Laminated versus Sewn and Quilted
Different Arrowheads
Depth of Penetration and Lethality of Injury
Angled Shots
Test Results Compared to Ancient Source Testimony
Testing Other Types of Attacks
Arrow versus Unarmored Warrior
Arrow versus Test Patch: Test Result Tables
Linen versus Metal Armor
7. Wearability Issues
Potential Vulnerability to Moisture
Waterproofing Experiments
Durability and Repair
Range of Motion, Mobility, and Fit
Heat, Weight, and Endurance
8. Economic and Social Considerations
Labor Required to Construct a Linothorax
The Cost of Linen Armor
Cost and Availability of Leather versus Linen
Large- Scale Production
Gender Issues
Appendix: Database of Visual Sources for Type IV Armor
Black-Figure Vases
White- Ground Technique Vases
Red- Figure Vases
Stone Sculptures and Reliefs
Terracotta Sculptures and Reliefs
Metal Objects

Reconstructing Ancient Linen Body Armor
Unraveling the Linothorax Mystery
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