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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
Preface and Acknowledgments
Introduction: Old Left Women, the U.S. Women's Movement, and the Legacy of Anti-Communism
Part I: Foundations
Chapter 1. Building Unity Amidst Diversity: Ethnicity, Race, and Gender in the Early Years of American Communism
Chapter 2. The Mary Inman Controversy and the (Re)Construction of the Woman Question, 1936–1945
Chapter 3. The Congress of American Women: Catalyst for Progressive Feminism
Part II: Transformations
Chapter 4. Women's Work Is Never done: Communists' Evolving Approach to the Woman Question, 1945–1956
Chapter 5. Claudia Jones and the Synthesis of Gender, Race, and Class
Chapter 6. Communist Culture and the Politicization of Personal Life
Part III: Connections
Chapter 7. Old Left Feminism, the Second Wave, and Beyond
Essay on Sources