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"A fascinating, timely, and rigorous study, Red Modernism is a virtuosic treatment of the question of communism in American modernist poetry. Steven presents readers with an exhilarating conceptual performance that asks us to challenge what we mean by both 'communism' and 'modernism.'"

"Steven's audacious redefinition of modernist historiography ventures much further than previous attempts to read political inferences into post-imagist poetry... It does so by viewing the Russian Revolution as a foundational event in the narrative of modern American verse. A much needed counter to ideological micro-criticism, Red Modernism unfolds on an ambitiously broad canvas, seeking to highlight the epic global backdrop to the poems containing history that so preoccupied Pound and his compatriots William Carlos Williams and Louis Zukofsky. Red Modernism argues meticulously for the centrality of the communist ideal in the work of Pound, Williams, and Zukofsky."