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"This book is a treasure trove of innovative institutional examples and forward thinking about ways to increase the relevance and value of liberal education for both students and society."

"The authors encourage colleges to imagine radically diverse ways to inspire students to recognize the value of liberal education for meaningful action in the world."

"Redesigning Liberal Education builds its collective case for a new twenty-first-century liberal education. The key here is design: deliberate, iterative, focused on needs and goals. The authors show how to create learning conditions that help all learners develop flexible dispositions that address the real challenges of the twenty-first century."

"A wide-ranging exploration of institutional and learning innovations, this is an illuminating study of how educators are transforming liberal education today. Even more importantly, it offers valuable perspectives on the future as liberal education must continue to evolve to meet the needs of learners in a rapidly changing world."

"Redesigning Liberal Education explores the urgent question of how to give twenty-first-century students the sort of holistic, transformative learning they need and deserve. At once radically innovative and deeply grounded in the values of liberal learning, the collected case studies and essays offer a provocative, inspiring guide to the best possibilities of change."