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"The rate of firearms homicides in America is 20 times higher than it is in other economically advanced nations. We have got to change that."

"Gun violence is a public health issue. It's about the health of our children, our schools, our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities and towns. Perhaps there is no way to completely prevent the next tragedy, but that cannot be an excuse that keeps us from doing commonsense things such as preventing violent crime, locking up bad guys, and keeping assault weapons from falling into the hands of disturbed people who are a danger to others. This isn't about ideology. It's about dignity."

"A masterful, timely, data-driven edited volume on gun control policy options in the U.S. The contributors use a public health lens to examine gun violence and explore issues ranging from mental health concerns to suicide.... The strength of this book is the mixed-method approach in compiling information on many policy options related to gun control, which utilizes case studies and quantitative evidence to make the case for policy change.... The contributors are optimistic and lay out concrete policy options in ways that are both sophisticated and easily accessible to all."

"An anthology of studies, condensing and summarizing the actual state of our knowledge about the subject of gun violence in this country—what real, tested social science shows."

"Surprisingly accessible and startlingly grim. Thankfully, the editors have done an excellent job organizing the material, which moves from current policy shortcomings to proposals for federal reforms. The debate that's raging might leave you feeling hopeless, which this book suggests otherwise."

"This is a 'must' for any concerned about gun control."

"We’ve all heard the saying that when arguing we should ‘disagree without being disagreeable’ but, when it comes to guns, we often find ourselves disagreeing without actually disagreeing. Most Americans believe in some kinds of gun control. Most Americans recognize the ‘right to bear arms’. Most agree that expanded background checks can be useful in keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous or irresponsible people. Considering that there is so much agreement on basic policy, what the gun debate desperately needs is sober clear-headed analysis. Reducing Gun Violence in America edited by Daniel Webster contributes greatly to this need."

Reducing Gun Violence in America
Informing Policy with Evidence and Analysis
Publication Date: 28 Jan 2013
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 320 pages
ISBN: 9781421411101