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1. Social Agency: The Franchise, Class Discourse, and National Narratives
Part I: Making Physical Force Moral: The Dilemma of Chartism, 1838–1842
2. Social Agency in the Chartist and Parliamentary Press
3. Egalitarian Chivalry and Popular Agency in Wat Tyler
4. Unconsummated Marriage and the "Uncommitted" Gunpowder Plot in Guy Fawkes
5. Class Alliance and Self-Culture in Barnaby Rudge
Part II: "The land! The land! The land!": Land Ownership as Political Reform, 1842–1848
6. Agricultural Reform, Young England's Allotments, and the Chartist Land Plan
7. The Landed Estate, Finely Graded Hierarchy, and the Member of Parliament in Coningsby and Sybil
8. Agricultural Improvement and the Squirearchy in Hillingdon Hall
9. The Land Plan, Class Dichotomy, and Working-Class Agency inSunshine and Shadow
Part III: The Social Turn: From Chartism to Cooperation and Trade Unionism, 1848–1855
10. Christian Socialism and Cooperative Association
11. Clergy and Working-Class Cooperation in Yeast and Alton Locke
12. Reforming Trade Unionism in Mary Barton and North and South
Coda: Rethinking Reform in the Era of the Second Reform Act, 1860–1867
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Reform Acts
Chartism, Social Agency, and the Victorian Novel, 1832–1867
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