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"Two presidents assert that higher education will have to address spiraling costs and that some college—particularly regional liberal arts colleges—will have trouble surviving if they don't."

"Higher education is going under the microscope to prove its value. Add to that a growing chorus of pundits who believe that a liberal arts education is a waste of time and a relic of the past. But two college presidents argue in [Remaking College] that a liberal arts education is, in fact, crucial to not just boosting the economy but to solving many of the world’s problems."

"This spirited collection of essays offers lessons in what the rhetorician Richard Lanham once called ‘the oldest class in American education, the Seminar on the Future of the Liberal Arts.’ Across varying discussions, these leaders argue that ‘flexibility’ will continue to characterize the agility and adaptability that the liberal arts college produces in its graduates and reflects in its own longevity."

"This collection of essays by presidents and other leaders in higher education is both clear sighted about challenges facing small, liberal arts colleges and inspiring for the ways in which it clearly illustrates both the great flexibility of the sector and the deeply held values that fuel its continuing creativity."