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Table Of Contents


Introduction. Updating the Liberal Arts Mission for the Twenty-First Century
Part I: Reimagining the Liberal Arts College in America
Chapter 1. Remaking, Renewing, Reimagining: The Liberal Arts College Takes Advantage of Change
Chapter 2. Challenges and Opportunities in the Changing Landscape
Part II: An Opportunity to Lead
Chapter 3. Economics and Affordability
Chapter 4. Using Governance to Strengthen the Liberal Arts
Chapter 5. Orchestrating Shared Governance
Part III: Knowledge, Learning, and New Technologies
Chapter 6. Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges in Teaching
Chapter 7. Interdisciplinary Perspectives and the Liberal Arts
Chapter 8. Technology in Education: Revolution or Evolution?
Chapter 9. You Can Run, but You Can't Hide
Chapter 10. Technology, Learning, and Campus Culture
Part IV: Collaboration and Partnerships
Chapter 11. The Future of Liberal Arts Colleges Begins with Collaboration
Chapter 12. The College without Walls: Partnerships at Home and Abroad
Chapter 13. The Networked College—Local, Global, Virtual
Part V: Residential Communities and Social Purpose
Chapter 14. The Liberal Arts College Unbound
Chapter 15. "Glowing against the Gray, Sober against the Fire": Residential Academic Communities in the Twenty-First Century
Chapter 16. The Intercultural Connection: Students and the Liberal Arts
Part VI: Future Prospects for the Liberal Arts College
Chapter 17. More to Hope Than to Fear: The Future of the Liberal Arts College