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Remembering Home

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Remembering Home

Rediscovering the Self in Dementia

Research has shown that stimulating early memories can have positive effects for persons with dementia or related disorders and can energize the relationships between such persons and their families, friends, and caregivers. Remembering Home emphasizes the importance of home in the lives of memory-challenged adults, offers insight into the richness and variety of life experiences associated with the idea of home, and suggests ways in which caregivers can encourage reminiscences to improve the quality of life for those with dementia or associated diseases.

This volume advances the goals of affirming the dignity of and reinforcing personhood in adults with debilitating memory loss. Environmental gerontologist Habib Chaudhury draws on research and fieldwork—along with the stories and actions of persons with dementia and their loved ones—to discuss dementia and the concept of self. He shows how recollections of home can reach persons with compromised mental capacity, and he shares techniques designed to spark conversation and stimulate participation in group and one-on-one activities.

Chaudhury encourages health care professionals and activity leaders to embrace a personhood-affirming mode of care and provides tools and information for nonprofessionals who want to connect with, understand, and better appreciate people with dementia.