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Table Of Contents

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Part I: The Historical and Regulatory Landscape
Chapter 1. On Drawing Lessons from the History of Eugenics
Chapter 2. Governmental Regulation of Genetic Technology, and the Lessons Learned
Chapter 3. Oversight of Assisted Reproductive Technologies: The Last Twenty Years
Part II: Ethical Issues in Reprogenetics
Chapter 4. Market Transactions in Reprogenetics: A Case for Regulation
Chapter 5. Stem Cells, Clones, Consensus, and the Law
Part III: International Regulation of Reprogenetics
Chapter 6. The Governance of Reprogenetic Technology: International Models
Chapter 7. Regulating Reprogenetics in the United Kingdom
Chapter 8. The Evolution of Public Policy on Reprogenetics in Canada
Part IV: Regulating Reprogenetics in the United States
Chapter 9. A Brief History of Public Debate about Reproductive Technologies: Politics and Commissions
Chapter 10. Possible Policy Strategies for the United States: Comparative Lessons
Chapter 11. The Development of Reprogenetic Policy and Practice in the United States: Looking to the United Kingdom
Chapter 12. Reprogenetics and Public Policy: Reflections and Recommendations