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Table Of Contents

Introduction: "There exists in this city, a small association of men"
Part I: Association
Prelude: Pictures at an Exhibition
1. "The Town is the only place for rational beings": Sociability, Science, and the Literature of Intimate Inquiry
2. Dangerous Associations: The Illuminati Conspiracy Scare as a Crisis of Public Intellectual Authority
3. Unrestrained Conversation and the "Understanding of Woman": Radicalism, Feminism, and the Challenge of Polite Society
Part II: Industries of Knowledge
Prelude: James Kent, Legal Knowledge, and the Politics of Print
4. The Public Is in the House: William Dunlap's Park Theatre and the Making of American Audiences
5. "Here was fresh matter for discourse": Yellow Fever, the Medical Repository, and Arthur Mervyn
Coda: The End of the American Enlightenment: Samuel Miller's A Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century
Appendix: Friendly Club Membership and Nineteenth-Century New York City Historiography

Republic of Intellect
The Friendly Club of New York City and the Making of American Literature
Publication Date: 15 May 2007
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