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"David Roberts has produced a charming little book on a very big topic: the role of mathematics in American life. In a series of short biographies that delight as well as inform, Roberts shows the many ways that math influenced culture, economics, technology, and the idea of America itself. It all adds up to a tour de force by one of the leading scholars of the subject. Anyone who wants to solve the puzzle of mathematics in America should read Republic of Numbers."

"David Roberts's soundly researched, engagingly written essays on the lives of American mathematicians introduce readers to a fascinating and inspirational group of women and men over two centuries of history. As he depicts the rich diversity of mathematical careers, Roberts also educates us about the importance of mathematics to our modern world."

"This engaging volume explores the role of numbers—as represented by mathematical education and learning—in the lives of twenty-three Americans. Those considered range from Nathaniel Bowditch to Abraham Lincoln to Grace Murray Hopper. Drawing on their words and on historical accounts, Roberts weaves stories that will inform, intrigue, and delight mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike."

"This book is a delightful trip through 200 years of mathematical activity in America, telling the story of mathematics as it was encountered in daily life and intertwining it with the social and political issues of different eras. Readers will enjoy another step in the demystification and humanization of mathematical activity through this inclusive collection of vignettes."

"David Lindsay Roberts excels at portraying the culture of American mathematics. This book features very accurate and touching vignettes of bright Americans who either shaped or were shaped by mathematics. Their lives weave into one another like a tapestry, from Abraham Lincoln to Christine Ladd to John Nash."