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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. A Practical Navigator: Nathaniel Bowditch, 1806
Chapter 2. Hudson River School: Sylvanus Thayer, 1815
Chapter 3. Political Arithmetic: Abraham Lincoln, 1826
Chapter 4. Textbook Messages: Catherine Beecher and Joseph Ray, 1832
Chapter 5. Learning to Count: J. Willard Gibbs, 1841
Chapter 6. Naval Reserve: Charles H. Davis, 1857
Chapter 7. General Principles: Daniel Harvey Hill, 1862
Chapter 8. Fellow Worker: Christine Ladd-Franklin, 1878
Chapter 9. Straddler: Kelly Miller, 1887
Chapter 10. Frontiersmen: Herman Hollerith and E. H. Moore, 1893
Chapter 11. Poetic Historian: E. T. Bell, 1906
Chapter 12. Man of School Mathematics: Charles M. Austin, 1914
Chapter 13. Organization Man: E. B. Wilson, 1922
Chapter 14. Versed in Math: Lillian R. Lieber and Hugh G. Lieber, 1931
Chapter 15. Machine Whisperer: Grace Hopper, 1941
Chapter 16. Survivor: Izaak Wirszup, 1956
Chapter 17. Carrying Old Virginny Forward: Edgar L. Edwards Jr., 1960
Chapter 18. Americano: Joaquin Basilio Diaz, 1974
Chapter 19. Math Warrior: Frank B. Allen, 1984
Chapter 20. Suspicious Minds: John F. Nash Jr., 1994
Selected Bibliography