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"Massy understands higher education in a deep and respectful way. A wonderful writer, he draws on his deep and wide experience to deal with some of the most complex issues facing higher education today. This book is an important addition to the research and has practical implications for many campuses."

"Massy moves beyond the arguments for reengineering the decision making models and internal economics of colleges and universities and provides the 'how to.' He lays out a clear roadmap for change, proposing specific tools and methods that any institution can use to foster greater efficiency and academic excellence."

"Massy describes the latest models, practices, and guidelines for planning the future of a campus during this period of accelerating change. This book is the culmination of his life's work in establishing the common understanding and language for faculty, administrators, and stakeholders to engage in timely and informed conversations."

"A must-read for those who care deeply about how higher education institutions can operate more effectively to meet the evolving needs of twenty-first-century learners. Massy's book provides a practical guide for how the academic enterprise can transform itself to meet modern standards for data-driven decision-making and strategic resource allocation."

"Resource Management for Colleges and Universities provides practical information and tools to guide administrators and faculty in transforming institutional business models. Massy offers an examination of academic resourcing models coupled with advice on overcoming barriers, including academic culture, to achieve and accelerate change, making this book invaluable for anyone interested in strengthening academic mission and values."