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"The book's forward-thinking recommendations should provide useful guideposts as readers assess the challenges and constraints facing their own universities."

"This book may startle some people... Definitely food for thought."

"The deliberately challenging essays provide both compelling arguments and practical discussions of the implications of these arguments... Like Tierney's other works... this volume is well edited, well written, and challenging."

"This book is about getting out of the box. It is about rethinking fundamental assumptions of higher education. To survive and thrive in the next century, colleges and universities will have to be responsive in the eyes of those being served."

"Their critical, balanced guide to the for-profit sector presents a welcome antidote to the ill-informed hysteria that has greeted its arrival on both sides of the pond."

"Of interest to scholars and students in education and social sciences, this text would also revitalize the entire university community’s conversations on removing barriers for student access and outcomes. Recommended."

"Tierney's discovery of core crisis in the academy's systems and structures is thought-provoking and intriguing. This fascinating book offers extremely valuable prescriptions for higher education's survival in the twenty-first century."

"Framing the right questions is always the hardest part of restructuring or of even thinking about restructuring higher education. The contributors to this book are some of the very few I would trust to reorganize my institution—and while I would fight them on many points, I would trust them to do it right in the end. This book is an easy read on a hard subject."

The Responsive University
Restructuring for High Performance
Publication Date: 8 Nov 1999
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 192 pages
Illustrations: 6 graphs
ISBN: 9780801862601