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"This exhilarating book is a paean to reasoned argument as illustrated by the biology and management of the wolves of Isle Royale. A remarkable triumph—beautifully crafted."

"This special and original book, which offers valuable lessons on reintroduction and the ramifications of human interactions with the environment, will be widely read, critiqued, and circulated by anyone interested in wolves. Vucetich is a top-notch scientist; everything he writes is fantastic."

"Restoring the Balance reveals the importance of understanding what wolves, moose, and other nonhuman stakeholders think, feel, and need—what's in their heads and hearts. Vucetich seamlessly weaves science and ethics into a highly readable narrative that shows why living in balance with the natural world is the only road forward."

"In Restoring the Balance, Vucetich uses the world-famous, 63-year-long ecological study of wolves on Isle Royale as a lens to examine humanity's relationship with the environment. The result is an intoxicating amalgam of science, fieldcraft, history, philosophy, and conservation policy, bound together by the observations of a skilled and passionate naturalist."

"Restoring the Balance is a thoughtful journey—an honest, breathtaking, raucous, and playful exploration of the lives and deaths of wolves, moose, and the humans who observe them. John Vucetich creates a masterful blend of memoir, science, and ethics with a message that is both timely and timeless."