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Table Of Contents

Introduction. Erudite Fascinations and Cultural Energies: How Much Can We Know about the Medieval Senses?
Part I: Heritage
Chapter 1. Seeing God: Augustine, Sensation, and the Mind's Eye
Chapter 2. Common Sense: Greek, Arabic, Latin
Chapter 3. Senses, Imagination, and Literature: Some Epistemological Considerations
Part II: Fascinations
Chapter 4. The Critical Sense: Some Spanish Examples
Chapter 5. The Place of the Senses
Chapter 6. Seeing and Hearing in Ancient and Medieval Epiphany
Part III: Hidden Energies
Chapter 7. Perception, Cognition, and Volition in the Arcipreste de Talavera
Chapter 8. Christian Sovereignty and Jewish Flesh
Chapter 9. Paradoxes of the Senses
Chapter 10. Representation and Participation: Some Remarks on Medieval French Drama
Chapter 11. Blinding Sight: Some Observations on German Epics of the Thirteenth Century
Chapter 12. Blinded Avengers: Making Sense of Invisibility in
Courtly Epic and Legal Ritual
Part IV: Frames
Chapter 13. Cardiosensory Impulses in Late Medieval Spirituality
Chapter 14. "The Pupil of Your Eye": Vision, Language, and Poetry in Thirteenth-Century Paris