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Introduction: What Way Forward for Contemporary Realism?
Part I: Theoretical Developments beyond Classical and Structural Realism
Chapter 1. Revisiting Realism and the Balance of Power
Chapter 2. Elaborating on Offensive Realism
Chapter 3. Realist Revisionism
Chapter 4. The Contradictions of Unipolarity
Part II: Making Realist Sense of Contemporary International Relations
Chapter 5. The Influence of Theory on Grand Strategy: The United States and a Rising China
Chapter 6. Neoclassical Realism and Foreign Policy Crises
Chapter 7. Past versus Present Geopolitics: Cautiously Opening the Realist Door to the Past
Part III: Reflections on the Nature and Merits of the Realist Paradigm
Chapter 8. Forward Is as Forward Does: Assessing Neoclassical Realism from a Traditions Perspective
Chapter 9. Feminism and Realism in International Relations
Chapter 10. Paradigm, Tradition, and the Politics of Realism
Conclusion: Ways Forward
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Rethinking Realism in International Relations
Between Tradition and Innovation
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