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Table Of Contents

Foreword, by Paul Irving
Introduction. Why Place Matters in the Age of Longevity
Part I. Are You in the Right Place for Now?
Chapter 1. Place as a Key Component of Successful Aging
Chapter 2. Evaluating Whether You Are in the Right Place
Chapter 3. Moving from Aging in Place to Living in Community
Part II. Where Is the Right Place for You?
Chapter 4. Regions, States, and Metro Areas
Chapter 5. Neighborhood and Communities
Part III. What Is the Right Place for You?
Chapter 6. Single-Family Housing
Chapter 7. Apartments
Chapter 8. Age-Restricted Housing
Chapter 9. Senior Living
Chapter 10. Emerging Options, from Cohousing to Tiny Homes
Chapter 11. Living with or near Family
Part IV. The Evolution of Place
Chapter 12. Place as a Hub for Technology
Chapter 13. Place as a Hub for Health
Part V. Taking Action
Chapter 14. Making the Most of Your Current Place
Chapter 15. Selecting a New Place
Conclusion. Choosing the Right Place at the Right Time
Appendix: Personal Dashboards