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"What this book does better than its competitors is to uncover and present the political story that killed the space program for women in this country."

"Weitekamp's clear prose, engaging style of storytelling, and rich analysis make this not only an important book but a lively and enjoyable read."

"The best, most balanced treatment available about the thirteen Fellow Lady Astronaut Trainees."

"The most carefully researched and analyzed account of this important chapter in the history of the U.S. space program... Highly recommended."

"A solidly researched, fact-driven account... Weitekamp is the rare historian who sees the big picture as well as the fine detail."

"Weitekamp gives us a well-researched... study of this pre-feminist movement attempt to put women into outer space."

"This book sets a high standard for future studies of space policy and gender in politics, and includes an outstanding essay on sources that will be of great assistance to students of women's and space history."

"Presents a well documented, skillfully crafted perspective on the stifling political, social, and cultural milieu in which thirteen aspiring female astronauts found themselves during the late 1950s and early 1960s."

"Weitekamp's vivid writing brings to life the texture of American life in what she calls the 'prefeminist' era."

"A solidly researched, fact-driven account of the brief flameout known as Women in Space program."

"This book offers a fascinating read for anyone interested in the early history of the American space program, as well as those non-spacers interested in women's studies."

"Weitekamp has done a terrific job of capturing a fascinating story."