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Table Of Contents

1. "Going to Town for the Men of Science": Randy Lovelace and Jackie Cochran
2. "This Buck Rogers Nonsense": Aviation and Aerospace Medicine
3. WASPs, Whirly-Girls, and Ninety-Nines: Female Pilots and Postwar Women's Aviation
4. "Should a Girl Be First in Space?": Betty Skelton, Ruth Nichols, and Jerrie Cobb
5. "Initial Examinations for Female Astronaut Candidates": Lovelace's Woman in Space Program
6. "I Offer Myself—No Less Can I Do": Jerrie Cobb, NASA, and the Pensacola Cancellation
7. "A Fact of Our Social Order": Jerrie Cobb, John Glenn, and the House Subcommittee Hearings
8. "Send Jerrie into Space": Several Epilogues to Lovelace's Woman in Space Program
Essay on Sources