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"An excellent, comprehensive overview of the diversity and evolutionary history of amphibians. It reflects a lifetime of specimen-based research on and thinking about the subject by the foremost student of early evolution of land vertebrates."

"I highly recommend The Rise of Amphibians to anyone interested not only in amphibians but also in the evolutionary history of vertebrates in general."

"A high-quality production, with finely illustrated drawings of skulls, vertebrae, ribs, teeth, and long bones of more amphibians, past and present, than most of us imagined even existed."

"The Rise of Amphibians should be on the bookshelf of anyone involved in vertebrate evolution... an excellent source of information... It is a first-choice reference book that stimulates further studies and research."

"Provides a wealth of valuable information about this fascinating history in a clear, easily readable style."

"I enjoyed reading this fascinating book. It will become a landmark and standard reference in early amphibian evolution for years to come."

"A useful reference catalog for the professional or well-read amateur."

"This is the landmark work on the evolution of amphibians, and will be enjoyed and used for many years to come."

"Bob Carroll is telling us, in a modern and very readable style, the history of the amphibians, with an osteological precision nobody else has. In fact, with this new book, he shows us he stays the same, our 'Master Yoda of the amphibians.'"

"Carroll has excelled himself by putting together such a magnificent piece of work, with information that is balanced efficiently."

The Rise of Amphibians
365 Million Years of Evolution
Publication Date: 15 Jul 2009
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 392 pages
Illustrations: 235 b&w illus., 16 color plates
ISBN: 9780801891403