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Table Of Contents

1. History of the Earth and Life
2. Advanced Metazoans and the Ancestry of Vertebrates
3. The Origin of Amphibians
4. The Radiation of Carboniferous Amphibians
5. Adaptation, Radiation, and Relationships
6. The Zenith of Amphibian Diversity
7. The Origin of Amniotes: Escape from the Water
8. Stereospondyls: Escape from the Land
9. The Enigma of Modern Amphibian Origins
10. The Ancestry of Frogs
11. The Ancestry of Salamanders
12. Eocaecilia and the Origin of Caecilians
13. The Success of Modern Amphibians
14. The Future of Amphibians
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The Rise of Amphibians
365 Million Years of Evolution
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