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"This very thoughtful volume details the institutional restructuring, refinancing, and rethinking of the purposes of state government. A solid chronicle of the evolution of state government in the US."

"Teaford, a respected urban historian, turns his attention to the history of state government and provides a long overdue framework for debate. One can only hope that this book will find as wide an audience among historians as it deserves... The value of The Rise of States is that it presents a bold argument for the aiding strength of state government in the federal system."

"Efficiency, rationality, and 'scientific management' were leitmotifs of the twentieth century from its start, and the states, Teaford argues, were better positioned than the fettered giant in Washington to partake of the experimental spirit of the age... Teaford commendably serves a calming role for the caricature-prone conversation over the states' place within American governance."

"State governments, in Teaford's account, were resilient and entrepreneurial regimes throughout the twentieth century... An outstanding book. For years to come, it will surely be a standard reference and starting point for those seeking to understand the history of state government."