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"A thought-provoking study of danger and how people have managed it in American from preindustrial and industrial times up until today."

"Risk is a fascinating exploration of culture, history, and mankind's tenuous grasp on saving itself from accidents."

"Writing in a lucid style, Mohun gives an impressive overview of the American transition from vernacular to expert-centered or state-driven risk regimes."

"Mohun’s claims are persuasively argued, well documented, rooted in the everyday experiences of knowledgeable historical contemporaries, and animated by the broad political, social, and cultural changes that define modernization."

"Mohun's comprehensive approach registers a major contribution that takes safety history a big step forward."

"Arwen Mohun has written a fascinating account of the rise, growth, and decline of a little-noticed industry... This is a significant book that advances scholarship on the relationship of technology, gender, and culture."