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Table Of Contents

1. Explaining Rivalry and Rapprochement in Cold War Latin America
2. Parochial Interest and Policy Change
3. Antagonism and Anti-Communism in Argentine-Brazilian Relations
Perón and Dutra, 1947: Damn the Torpedoes
Frondizi and Quadros, 1961: The Spirit of Uruguaiana
Lanusse and Médici, 1972: General to General
Videla and Figueiredo, 1980: The Turning Point
4. The 1959 Cuban Revolution and Central American Rivalries
From Borders to Brotherhood: Nicaragua and Honduras
Persistent Conflicts: Costa Rica–Nicaragua and El Salvador–Honduras
5. The 1980s Debt Crisis and Andean Rivalries
Persistent Conflicts: Peru-Ecuador, Colombia-Venezuela, and Bolivia-Chile
From Crisis to Cooperation: Argentina and Chile
6. From the Cold War to the Global War on Terrorism
Alegeria and Morocco: Protracted Rivalry in the Maghreb
7. The Organizational Politics of Conflict Resolution