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"In this book, Benton combines a huge amount of research with his unique insight into the evolution of riverblindness programs during his career at the World Bank. For those interested in the complexities of managing disease control programs and the need for strong partnerships, this is a must-read."

"An inspiring and essential contribution to the literature on international development and public health."

"The authoritative record and historical account of one of the most ambitious and successful parasite control approaches from someone who has been a key part of onchocerciasis control from just about the beginning."

"Comprehensive, detailed, inspiring! Highlights how championing trust in the affected communities and close collaboration among all interested parties are essential for success."

"An excellent summary of an ambitious operation illustrating what only international cooperation can achieve against complex—and in this case, insidious—diseases."

"The astonishingly successful effort to control onchocerciasis in Africa has indelibly shaped the field of global health. Benton illustrates how the success of global health initiatives depends on courageous individual decisions, dedication to a common cause, serendipitous events, and the pursuit of programmatic and scientific excellence."

"A balanced masterpiece that captures the oncho story that no one else could, with important lessons for the entire range of development partners—international aid agencies, the WHO, the World Bank, NGDOs, and governments. A must-read."

"A unique historical work by someone uniquely qualified to write it. Riverblindness in Africa is remarkably comprehensive, and is remarkable, too, in its masterful sorting out of the contributions made by numerous agencies and individuals. An inspiring story and an instructive account of how numerous organizations, public and private, can work together to control a major infectious disease and even banish it from a vast region of the earth."

"The story of riverblindness control is one of the most important in all global public health. Bruce Benton was there from the beginning, and his insights provide important and timeless lessons for conquering illness and health disparities."

"Without determination, persistence, and guts, the onchocerciasis program could have folded again and again. Bruce Benton, who was stubbornly committed to the program has told a gripping tale that has countless, timely lessons. This book inspires us to believe that the partnerships vitally needed in today's interconnected world are indeed possible."

"In evocative prose that draws on research, data, and first-hand accounts, Bruce Benton takes us inside the history of one of the greatest international collaborations. A fascinating and essential book."

"Benton provides an excellent analysis of the parameters of a successful comprehensive partnership to address a grave regional health challenge. The Covid-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of the need for such effective international cooperation to deliver vital global public goods needed to address challenges that no country can solve alone."

"Bruce Benton's telling of the groundbreaking story of oncho from control to elimination is a must read. The partnership of UN organizations, World Bank, NGOs, Merck, African governments, donor agencies, and academic researchers has made this a better world. Benton provides an epic tale of epic achievement."

"Riverblindness in Africa describes one of the great successes in the history of medicine. Guided by research and surveillance, the riverblindness program continuously changed and adapted its strategy to defeat riverblindness, a disease among poor people in poor countries. The book should be mandatory reading for students of global health."